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TRF_2D for Windows - Field Example.

  • 2D inversion results for the VES field data obtained near Sevastoplol (the Ukraine) with the

  • Amn + mnB half-Schlumberger combined array (the current electrode spasings 1/3 - 100 m, the distanse between sounding points - 10 m).
    The objective of the survey was to study the lambstone massif (the right-hand part of the cross-section) embedded in the litified clays (the central and the left-hand part of the cross-section). It is obvious from the inversion results that the lambstones, being underlayed by the litified clays, are not the bedrock. According to the geological data, it is likely that the lambstone block forms the landslide body slipping over the water-saturated litified clays. The independent interactive 1D interpretation (using the IPI program by MSU - see the page) results are close to those of 2D inversion.

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