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Moscow State University, Geological Faculty, Dept. of Geophysics

TRF_2D for Windows - Automated 2D Inversion Program for VES Travers Data.

    In 1999 the TRF_2D automated 2D inversion Program for VES travers data was developed by Near-Surface Electrical Lab. The authors place the presented program into  the class of the introscopy methods, i. e. determining and visualizing spatial distribution of the media's physical properties with comparastively low  accuracy of estimating the absolute values of the said properties.

Alexei A. Bobachev
Dept. of Geophysics, Geological Faculty, MSU
Vorobievy Gory 119899, Moscow, Russia
Phone /fax: (+7-095) 939 49 63
E-mail: boba@geophys.geol.msu.ru

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