Photo by Michail Orefyev The laboratory of near-surface electrical prospecting

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The laboratory is led by Prof. Shevnin V.A and Ph.D. Modin I.N.

Our field of activity is the usage of electrical methods (DC resistivity, SP, IP, GPR) for decision of complex engineering-geological and geoecological problems. Our team has experience of field researches of  permafrost, archaeological, engineering and ecological objects .

Algorithms and computer programs for decision of forward and inverse problems of resistivity method have been developed in our laboratory. Our program's products such as IPI-1D, IPI-2D, IE2DL are widely known in Russia and applied in many countries abroad.

On any question, mentioned in the present message we can give the additional information. Some our results were published in three monographs on resistivity method, in numerous scientific publications. There are also advertising information and the detailed instructions to the sets of computer programs, both in Russian and English language.

119899, Russia, Moscow, Moscow State University, Geological Faculty, Department of Geophysics. V.A. Shevnin, I.N.Modin
Tel. & fax: (7-095) 939 49 63
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