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Laboratory of engineering geophysics and shallow-depth electrical methods includes several scientific groups, headed by prof. A.A.Ogilvi and prof.V.A.Bogoslovsky, by prof.V.K.Khmelevskoy and by assoc. prof. I.N.Modin and V.A.Shevnin.

Topics of investigations in the laboratory of engineering geophysics and shallow-depth electrical methods:

1. Study of dynamics and pollution of underground water with the methods of borehole and aquatorial geophysics.

2. Study of hydrotechnical constructions:

3. Hydro-reclamation studies, including aeration zone;

4. Studies of exogenic processes: karst, landslides, permafrost phenomena.

5. Geo-ecological studies;

6. Geophysical studies on shallow-water aquatoria.

7. Development of resistivity method, algorithms and software for the decision of forward and inverse problems for different earth models: horisontally-layered earth, 2D and 3D models, anisotropic models and different combinations of these models.


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119899, Russia, Moscow, Moscow State University, Geological Faculty, Department of Geophysics
V.A. Bogoslovsky
Tel. : (7-095) 939 38 82
E-mail: bogos@geol.msu.ru

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