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The information about gravity and magnetics' laboratory

The laboratory of gravity and magnetic prospecting has been created and long time was supervised by prof. V.V. Fedinsky. Now it is supervised by prof. A.G.Gainanov and prof. V.R.Melikhov. In the laboratory work also associate prof. A.A.Bulichev, M.G.Popov, assistant prof. L.A.Zolotaja, senior res. M.B.Lejbov, res. D.A.Gilod, K.V.Krivosheja, E.L.Mazo and others.

The basic scientific direction of laboratory is connected to development of problems of geological interpretation of gravitational and magnetic data in a complex with data of other geologic-geophysical methods for territories with a various type of the Earth crust. Within the framework of this direction researches on three problems are constantly conducted:

- 1. Marine gravitational and magnetic studies. These works have the greatest traditions, scientific experiences and were begun yet in 30-th years by MSU prof. L.V. Sorokin and V.V. Fedinsky on Black and Caspian sea. The laboratory has instrumentation for marine geophysical measurements and its employees regularly participate in sea flights in structure of scientific expeditions of Academy of sciences, MSU and other industrial organizations of Russia. Except own surveys the laboratory participates in generalizing regional researches. With the usage of on-land and satellite altimetrical measurements data some gravity map were made, averaged on one degree trapeziums, in reductions Faja, Bouguer, Glenni, which were included in the geological-geophysical international atlases of Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. All these materials have formed the basis for their complex interpretation in 2D and 3D variants for lithosphere, asthenospheres and top mantle on the most interesting tectonically active zones of World ocean, and some density and magneto-active models of the Earth crust were constructed;

- 2. Geological interpretation of gravity and magnetic data in the complex with data of other geological-geophysical methods in oil and gas provinces of Russia. This direction develops in laboratory since 60's. The basic problems are: allocation and study of structural and petrophysical characteristics of sedimentary cover and crystal basement, establishment of genetic, hereditary connection between them, specification of tectonic position of a region, forecast of sites, zones which are mostly perspective for statement of search and prospecting drilling. The employees of the laboratory have carried out researches in the Caucasus, petroleum regions near Volga, North of Western Siberia. At the moment the researches are studying Moscow syncline and continental shelf of Barents Sea;

- 3. Development and creation of new algorithms, software products both methodical of receptions of interpretation of gravitational and magnetic data together with other methods. The basic attention is given to integration with different reflection and refraction seismic materials. The statement of problems on new computer software is dictated by the requirements practical interpretational work of the laboratory with on land and marine geophysical data. The software package is entered 2D and 3D products for decomposition of effects of complex potential fields, with study of the special points in the cross-section, forward and inverse problems in density and magnetization of layers' reconstruction, interactive and automated trial and error methods. Peculiarity of these programs consist in their high computing effectiveness in interactive and multi-cycling work with great 3D data in data files.


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