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Prof. Mark N. Berdichevsky

 A Geoelectric Model of the Cascadia Subduction Zone. L. L. Vanyan, M. N. Berdichevsky, P.Yu.Pushkarev and T. V. Romanyuk

 Magnetovariational Sounding: New Possibilities M. N. Berdichevsky, V.I. Dmitriev, N.S. Golubtsova, N.A. Mershchikova, and P. Yu. Pushkarev part1, part2, part3, part4

Laboratory of deep electromagnetic sounding.
The laboratory is headed by prof. M.N.Berdichevsky. From 1970 in the field of deep EM sounding were developed:

1. The theory of deep EM sounding on the base of analysis of the Earth EM field (divided into inner and outer parts, normal and anomalous ones, near-surface and deep anomalies). Data interpretation of deep EM sounding, sedimentary basins, core and mantle conductive zones, and hypotheses of their origin.

2. The theory and field technology of deep magnetotelluric sounding, taking into account the deep and near-surface inhomogeneities' influence, and MT data interpretation for 1D, 2D and 3D cases.

3. The theory of marine geoelectrics, directed to estimation of its possibilities and practical recommendation for geolectrics on aquatorias.

4. Deep geoelectrical mapping and division of former USSR territory. Construction of geoelectrical models for many geotectonical provinces: South-Caspian mega-depression, Turane plate, Ferganian and Chuyskaja depressions, Bajkal rift zone, etc.

Prof. M.N.Berdichevsky published more than 350 scientific articles and monographies, many of them were translated into foreign languages.


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119899, Russia, Moscow, Moscow State University, Geological Faculty, Department of Geophysics V.A. Shevnin, M.N. Berdichevsky

Tel. & fax: (7-095) 939 49 63
E-mail: berd@geo.geol.msu.su

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